Where can I ask for help with personal circumstances?

The most important thing is that you talk to someone you trust! You can appeal to your study career advisor or a student counsellor at the university. It can be useful for your study career advisor to be aware of your circumstances, especially if they influence your study results. In that case it is always useful to talk to a student counsellor. If you do not want to discuss something with your study career advisor, you can also make an appointment directly with a student councellor.

Together with the student counsellor you can map out your problems and investigate the possibilities for further assistance.

If you are looking for additional professional assistance with mental health problems, your General Practitioner (GP) is the first point of contact. The GP can refer you to the primary care assistant practitioner or to a psychologist or institution for specialized (mental) health care. You can also inquire with the NHL Stenden student counsellor, they are familiar with a number of psychological institutions in Leeuwarden. Find out what your insurance covers, because this is different per insurance!

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